Sheriff's Office

Kingsbury County Sheriff: 

Steven Strande

Phone: 605-854-3339

Fax: 605-854-9307

Mailing Address:

PO Box 136

De Smet, SD 57231


The sheriff shall keep and preserve the peace within the County.  He must pursue and apprehend all felons, and executs all writs, warrants, and other process from any court or magistrate.  The Sheriff shall perform all statutory duties as required by law.  The Kingsbury County Sheriffs Office serves and protects all the citizens of Kingsbury County.  The Sheriffs Office provides Contract Law for Arlington, De Smet, Oldham, and Lake Preston. The staff of Kingsbury County Sheriffs Office consists of a Sheriff, four full time deputies and one full time dispatcher/secretary.

Riders Requirements:

* Motorcycle Drivers need a special license endorsement before hitting the road.

* The fine for not having the proper endorsement is $120.00

*There are also requirements for operationg all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) on the streets or highways

*You must have a drivers license. A motorcycle endorsement is not require to operate an ATV

*There is a $120.00 fine for driving without a license

*You must wear a helmet if you are under 18 to either operate or ride on an ATV and the fine is $120.00 if you don't wear one.

*No one may operate an ATV without eye protective wear or without a windshield of sufficient height to provide eye protection when the operator is in the normal operation position. Failing to do this results in a $25.00 fine.